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UK Company - Advantages

UK company registration is becoming popular amongst non UK residents or domiciles. The United Kingdom offers competitive tax rates in comparison with some other European countries. UK company formation is an easy and affordable process. Trading as a UK Company (Ltd) or UK LLP, opens opportunities to establish a presence for your new or existing overseas business, not just in the UK but in the EU. UK company registration enables you to take advantage of favourable tax treaties between EU countries and worldwide double taxation treaties with over 100 countries.

Doing business through a UK company (Ltd or LLP) gives that extra level of trust and respect that offshore companies cannot provide as easily. It is therefore not surprising that so many international and multi-national companies choose UK company incorporation or include UK company into their organisational structure.

We offer two most popular UK company incorporation business structures to achieve your tax saving objectives; please click on the links below to see the way it works:

UK Tax Free Business Structure:

UK LLP with two offshore companies as members

PRICE: £ (GBP) 1,566 or $ (USD) 2,752

UK Low Tax Business Structure:

One offshore company, UK company (where UK company acting as an agent)

PRICE: £ (GBP) 882 or $ (USD) 1,532

UK Company (Ltd) — Advantages

  • There is no withholding tax on dividends paid by the UK Company
  • No minimum capital requirement and no restrictions on the movement of capital upon UK company formation
  • No capital duty is levied when capital is contributed at the UK company formation and on any increase in its capital.
  • Low incorporation and maintenance fees upon company registration in UK compared to many EU countries
  • A Limited UK Company is a separate legal entity, which protects personal assets of limited company’s shareholders and directors.
  • Shareholders have their liability limited by shares
  • Minimum requirements to UK company formation are: 1 director, 1 shareholder; minimum capital requirement is 1p (recommended share capital is £1,000)
  • There are no restrictions on foreign nationals being directors or shareholders of the UK company
  • Once company registration in UK is complete, there is no requirement to start trading right away
  • No audit requirement on companies with a turnover of the Group less than £6.5 million and Gross assets (fixed assets plus current assets) of the Group less than £3.26 million

UK Company (LLP) — Advantages

  • It is not subject to Corporation Tax and its members pay only personal Income Tax based on their residence and where trade takes place (UK or outside)
  • The same as a Limited Company, LLP is a separate legal entity, which protects personal assets of its members
  • There are no restrictions on foreign nationals (in or outside UK), offshore company being members of UK LLP
  • Although requires a minimum of two members, nothing stops you to be the owner through two offshore company members, or one member as an individual and the other as a company, to form an LLP
  • Members of LLP unlike a UK Company (Ltd) are not restricted to withdraw profits from LLP when there are insufficient accumulated profits, as there are no ‘capital maintenance’ rules for LLP’s
  • LLP’s are not required to hold, maintain and record details of the Director’s meetings
  • Partnership Agreements are not available to general public
  • No minimum capital contribution required

Company Formation in UK — Legal Requirement Differences

 Limited UK CompanyUK Limited Liability Partnership

UK Companies Act 1985

UK LLP Act 2000


Minimum share capital for Ltd is 1p (recommended £1,000)

No regulations, no shares

Management and running of the business and profits extraction

1. Only one director. Secretary appointment is not required but is strongly advisable for Ltd UK company to carry on the duties, which otherwise lie with a Director.

2. Requirements for meetings and AGM (Annual General Meeting)

3. May withdraw earnings through dividends

1. Minimum two members (individuals or companies)

2. No secretary needed, but a designated member carried out compliance duties.

2. No requirements for meetings

3. Profits are distributed as per UK LLP Agreement.


Limited by shares

Limited by the amount of capital contributed. Professional negligence of a member may result in a personal liability


Accounts and Annual return for UK Company must be filed together with various other returns

Small companies have abbreviated accounts

Same as a Ltd UK company