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Offshore Mission - Our Mission

All Inclusive Packages from £660 or $1190!

The offshore structure is no longer a privilege for the very rich. By introducing offshore products such as companies, banking facilities, e-commerce solutions, merchant accounts, into your tax planning, you can organize your personal financial affairs in a more profitable and confidential manner. Our business is to provide all incorporation and registration essentials at affordable prices.

These steps provide opportunities to safeguard your assets; increase the revenue from your investment. The same applies to companies. It is probably true to say that no company which trades internationally can expect to be competitive without taking advantage of the tax breaks available offshore.

Introducing an offshore entity into your tax planning makes a difference between success and failure but is often ignored by those starting a new business or new investment. We aim to make these tax free facilities available to a wider audience by providing low cost company formation, supplementary services, international banking and brokerage and merchant account services.

We believe that the right to own and control personal property is a cornerstone of personal liberty and freedom. It is the sovereign right of an individual to engage in legal commerce with whom they wish, where they wish and structure their affairs so as to pay the least amount of taxes allowable by the law.

It is our belief that it is each individual’s right to pursue aggressive and unrestrained enterprise. And that may be developed through a secure, reliable, confidential and tax friendly offshore jurisdiction.

Our goal is to assist you in achieving this objective in the most professional manner. We pride ourselves on providing a quality agent service at reasonable cost with a high level of expertise. 100% confidentiality is guaranteed!!!

Our clients are located in almost every country of the world and are of varied professional and personal profiles. Our most typical client is the individual investor or businessman who requires a relatively simple and inexpensive offshore structure and who requires a comprehensive but reasonably priced ongoing service.

We understand our customers’ needs and approach them individually, whether they are physical persons or companies. We provide the corporate and personal privacy and assurance you seek.

All these offshore services are just one click away from you.

All Inclusive Packages from £660 or $1190!