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Seychelles Company (Seychelles IBC)

Off-shore company (IBC) Formation in the Seychelles has the following features:

Seychelles Company Taxation

From the day of an off-shore company formation IBC’s pay no taxes or similar charges.

Seychelles Companies Directors/Shareholders

Off-shore company formation requires a minimum of one director and one shareholder.

Seychelles Company Books & Records

Books and records must be kept for all companies, but off-shore IBC’s books and records do not have to be filed at the Registrar’s office. The Registrar only needs to know the address where such records are kept.

Seychelles Company Annual Reporting

No annual returns must be filed. There is no requirement to do an annual audit.

Seychelles Company Registration Timescale

Off-shore company formation will be finished in two working days from the receipt of the application form and appropriate fee. Please allow from 2 to 5 working days for the delivery of the documents depending upon your location. For example, to the UK 3-4 days,to the US 4 days, to Australia 4 days, to South Africa one day.

Seychelles IBC Restrictions on Name and Activity

A Seychelles incorporated off-shore company cannot trade within the Seychelles, cannot be involved in banking or insurance activity. Names must end with the following words, or abbreviations thereof, “Limited”, “Corporation”, “Incorporated”, “Societe Anonyme”, etc. The following words cannot be used: “Bank”, “Insurance”, “Royal”, “Imperial” or anything that implies patronage of Seychelles or any other government, insurance, royal, imperial or any other name that may imply that a company intends to undertake a licensable or undesirable activity

Seychelles IBC — Local Requirements

The Registrar maintains only the copies of the off-shore company formation documents — The Memorandum and Articles of Association as well as a copy of the Certificate of Incorporation, Certificate of Good Standing, change of name and other such certificates.

Seychelles IBC Secrecy

No information will be disclosed to third parties except by order of the local court relating solely to activities which are criminal under the laws of Seychelles. All proceedings in respect of civil matters involving an off-shore company shall be heard by a Judge in Chambers.

Seychelles — Country Profile

Off-shore company formation is a complex issue. Seychelles is very attractive for off-shore company formation.

The Seychelles group of islands in the Indian Ocean comprises over one hundred named islands. The largest island is Mahe. The Seychelles population is around 79, 000, descendents from Africa, France, Great Britain, and India. The official languages are English and French. Creole is also widely spoken.

The economy of this off-shore country is predominantly tourism based. In recent years the Seychelles encouraged the growth of the financial sector through adoption of progressive laws ( including the one that regulates off-shore corporations — The International Business Companies Act 1994) facilitating the establishment of the off-shore sector and encouraging international investors. There are no exchange controls in Seychelles for off-shore companies. The official currency is Seychelles Rupee. It is becoming a very popular destination for international banks and insurance companies, which provide clients with high standard and quality support.

Seychelles is an independent constitutional Republic within the British Commonwealth. It proclaimed its independence from Great Britain on 29’th June, 1976. The first gradual constitutional reforms were introduced in 1960. Two parties — Seychelles People’s Progressive Front and the Seychelles Democratic Party — formed a Coalition Government in 1975. Mr. Rene is the President of the Republic and Head of the Government.

National and international telecommunications in off-shore tax haven Seychelles are provided by Cable & Wireless (Seychelles Ltd), part of Cable & Wireless PLC (UK). Any part of the world can be dialed directly from Seychelles without difficulty. Courier services like FedEx are well established in the country.

Off-shore tax haven Seychelles Islands have an International Airport with modern passenger and cargo facilities. Air services to Seychelles are provided by British Airways, Air France, Lufthansa (Condor), Kenya Airways and Aeroflot in addition to the National Flag carrier. Regular scheduled flights are available to London, Paris, Frankfurt, Rome, Madrid, Dubai, Bahrain, Nairobi, Singapore, Johannesburg, etc.

Overall, by choosing Seychelles as your off-shore haven you choose political stability for your investment, tax free income and profits, no capital gains, no control regime, support from an excellent communication infrastructure and easy access due to the international airport.

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