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Offshore World - Why to go Offshore?

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Just two decades ago, the offshore industry was a mystery to the greater population and accessible by mostly wealth individuals. With the fast development of www and the internet as a primary sales medium, this is no longer the case.

The benefits and advantages of offshore products are well known, the confirmed legality of these structures well stated, and the myths surrounding offshore are debunked. The increasing demand for offshore facilities has resulted in explosive growth of these services. Over 60% of the world’s money is processed by offshore companies using offshore banks. These offshore facilities are an integral and important part of the world’s financial system. They are used worldwide, twenty-four hours a day, 365 days a year, despite the malicious stereotype maintained by the high-tax nations: that a tax haven attracts a disproportionate share of the world’s dirty money. However, the independent assessments of USA government agencies (the State Department, Internal Revenue Service, and the Central Intelligence Agency) confirm that offshore tax havens do not attract a disproportionate share of the world’s criminal loot. Indeed, the government agencies assessments indicate that dirty money is far more likely to be laundered in high-tax nations. It becomes obvious that the OECD and the EU’s real agenda in their persecution of offshore tax havens are not the fight against money laundering but the fight against low taxes.

As people gain wealth they naturally want to protect it from political instability; unnecessary taxation; extravagant heirs and any other unwanted creditors. An offshore IBC or LLC is a route to achieve the level of protection which is required.

The company set up in a tax haven is tax exempt on profits but it cannot conduct any local business in the jurisdiction of incorporation. Typical uses of an offshore company might be put into the following categories:


For Investment purposes, in which the offshore company is used to hold investments (shares, stocks, bonds, cash, etc). Personal holding companies provide a better return on your investment and give you more privacy. Besides, there is no income tax on interest earned or capital gains tax to pay on the disposal of an investment in the country of the offshore company.

For example, Dominica and Seychelles IBC’s are the perfect vehicles for a UK property acquisition by a UK non-resident. The main reasons are the attractive buoyant property market and stability of the British economy. Besides, UK offers a very favorable tax treatment in respect of non-residents and non-UK domiciles.

The use of an offshore IBC/LLC as a purchasing entity (which name will be on the HM Land Registry) avoids imposition of inheritance tax if you do not domicile in the UK. Another important incentive for UK property investment is the exemption from UK capital gains tax (CGT), providing that the company is not trading or controlled in the UK. You have to bear in mind that, rental income will be subject to UK income tax.

Another point to mention is UK stamp duty, which is always levied on the sale of land and building. Assuming that you are non-resident in the UK and the property is registered in the IBC’s name, the payment of stamp duty could be avoided. Under Dominica, Anguilla, Nevis and Seychelles laws you can sell the entire issued share capital of the offshore IBC to the purchaser — no stamp duty or any other tax or levy will be payable on the above transfer. And what is most important — your confidentiality is preserved.

The UK is just an example, offshore IBCs from Anguilla, Nevis, Dominica and Seychelles can be used with the same advantages for European and Americans to invest in highly attractive Caribbean property.

For assets protection

The advantage of buying and holding assets through an offshore IBC or LLC might safeguard against possible litigation, unwanted creditors, former spouses, etc.

For e-commerce

By organizing your e-commerce business through an offshore company you will be more price competitive as you will not impose VAT or sales tax on your customers. And all your profits will be also tax free (no corporation/income taxes).

For Inheritance Planning

Expatriates will find that the transfer of wealth to an offshore company will avoid undesirable consequences (e.g. time delays with probate, inheritance tax, and saves on legal fees) for their wealth when they die.

For International Trading

For import/export operations it is possible to incorporate an offshore company which would deal with the suppliers/customers directly. The goods will be dispatched from the manufacturer or place of purchase. The profits arising on the difference between purchase and sales price will remain offshore and will be tax free.

Factoring trading debts of a company in the high-tax jurisdiction through a company established in a low tax jurisdiction may assist in transferring funds into the offshore jurisdiction.

For ownership of real property and land

The advantages of using an offshore holding company include avoidance of capital gains tax, inheritance tax, ease of the property transfer as well as the advantageous (reduced) property sale to the next owner. Where a company owns intellectual property (royalties, copyright, patents, franchise, etc) it is assigned all the rights to intellectual property and then it can enter into a selling agreement for such rights worldwide.

For Professional Services

Individuals who provide professional services could sign an agreement with an offshore company to receive their remuneration fees. The employment agency could reinvest, on the clients behalf, the profits in a tax efficient way. Payments to individuals can also be arranged to minimize their tax.

... And many more

The use of an offshore company is not limited to the examples above.

All Inclusive Packages from £660 or $1190!