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Gibraltar Company (Gibraltar IBC)

Offshore companies in Gibraltar characteristics:

Gibraltar Company Taxation

Non-resident companies incorporated in Gibraltar are exempt from all taxation in Gibraltar.

Gibraltar Companies Directors/Shareholders

Offshore companies in Gibraltar require a minimum of one director and one shareholder of any nationality (except Gibraltarian) and corporate directors are permitted. The company director and shareholder can be the same person/company. A resident company secretary must be appointed.

Gibraltar Company Books & Records

Copies of the following documents must be kept at the registered office of the offshore company in Gibraltar — The Articles of the Association, The Memorandum of Association, and Certificate of Incorporation.

Gibraltar Company Annual Reporting

Since 2000 there is a requirement to file accounts with the Gibraltar Company Registry. It is nothing complicated, but needs some input from the clients. This DOES NOT in any way relate to taxation as Gibraltar non-resident companies do not fall under the scope of local taxation. The annual accounts requirements in Gibraltar depend primarily on the size of the Company. Generally, the bigger the company, the more documentation it has to submit.

Gibraltar Company Share Capital Requiremets

Offshore companies in Gibraltar require a minimum issued share capital of £ 100 or the foreign equivalent.

Authorized share capital is normally £ 2,000 divided into 2,000 shares of £ 1.00 each. This is the maximum authorized share capital for the minimum capital duty (i.e. £10 or 0.5% of £ 2,000 share capital value) payable on incorporation. The Register of directors and shareholders are open to the public, but confidentiality can be preserved by nominee services, which we can provide. Legally, bearer shares are impractical.

Gibraltar Company Registration Timescale

Offshore companies will be sent by FedEx within 10 days to two weeks upon receipt of the funds and completion of the forms. However, if you require the company faster you might consider an option of buying a shelf company. Documents will be shipped to you on the next working day. Please Contact us to obtain the list of the names of shelf companies available.

Gibraltar IBC Restrictions on Name and Activity

Names must end with one of the following words “Limited” or “Ltd”.

Offshore companies in Gibraltar cannot engage in activities associated with banking or insurance. They may not use any English name, or their foreign language equivalent, which may imply a field of activity associated with the banking or finance industry. Company names are subject to the following restrictions: bank, building society, insurance, assurance, reinsurance, fund management, asset management, investment fund, trust, trustees, municipal, Chamber of Commerce, co-operative or their foreign language equivalents. “International” and “Gibraltar” cannot be used without consent unless they are bracketed.

The following words and their associated activities are restricted: There are sensitive words which the Gibraltar Companies House is unlikely to approve in a company name. Under these circumstances, we will not make applications for name reservation if a listed sensitive word is included. “British”, “National”, " Gibraltar or Great Britain", " Chamber of Commerce“, “and/or Trade and/or Industry”, " Authority“, “board or council”, " Association“, “Federation or Society”, " Patent or Patentee", " Co-operative", " Group Holding(s)“, “Friendly Society or Industrial Provident Society”, " Trade Union“, “Charter or Chartered”, " Benevolent“, “Foundation or Fund”, " Post office“, “Giro or Stock Exchange”, " Register or registered", " Chemist or Chemistry or Pharmaceutical“, “Police”, “Customs”, “Immigration”, “Foundation”, “School or University or College; Club”, “Authority”, “Council”, “Federation”, “Institute”, “Trust”, “and Investment Trust”, “Unit Trust”, “Bank”, “Directors”, “Financial”, “Savings”, “Commodities”, “Brokers”, “Credit”, “Nominee”, “Dire”.

Any name that is identical or similar to an existing company will not be permissible. Any name which, in the opinion of the Registrar, is undesirable or offensive. Any name that suggests royal or government patronage will be declined.

Gibraltar IBC — Local Requirements

Local company law states, Gibraltar offshore companies MUST maintain a registered office in the country of incorporation and a resident company secretary must be appointed. We provide all these services.

Gibraltar — Country Profile

Gibraltar offshore companies (Gibraltar non-resident companies are their official name) offer unique opportunities to do your business tax efficiently and within the EU.

Gibraltar is situated at the south-western coast of Spain. Its population is 30,000. The official language is English, but Spanish is widely spoken, so it is a truly bilingual country.

Gibraltar is a stable political and economic jurisdiction. It is a member of the European Union since 1973, but is excluded from the VAT system and the Common Customs Union.

Gibraltar has been a British colony since 1704, but the Colony has its own authorized Government. Great Britain is responsible for foreign and defense affairs of the country, but the local government is free to bring their own legislation as regards financial matters, including company and taxation legislation. The main corporate legislation is The Companies Ordinance Act of 1984 based on the amended English Company Law of 1929. There are two main types of Company: A Gibraltar Non-resident Company and the Resident Company. But from 1st of July, 2003 due to planned reform the division between resident and non-resident companies in Gibraltar will be abolished. The Gibraltar Government announced that it is to introduce a Zero rate of tax on Company profits for ALL Gibraltar companies whether they are local or international, whether they are doing business locally or abroad. The main benefit of this new law is that third parties (i.e. foreign authorities) will not be able to distinguish between “offshore” and “onshore” companies. It is expected that such companies will receive much less discrimination throughout Europe and worldwide.

Gibraltar takes full advantage of its geographical location and benefits from the shipping trade. The economy of the country is dominated by the tourism industry, but in recent years the financial sector has experienced steady growth and now accounts for 20% of GDP. The currency is the Gibraltar Pound. It is on par with the British Pound Sterling. Gibraltar has no exchange controls.

Overall, by choosing Gibraltar as your offshore tax haven you choose political and economic stability for your investment, tax free income and profits for offshore companies.

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