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UK Company Bank Account

UK business bank account for UK companies with foreign nationals as owners is a service rarely offered by formation agents in UK. All new business structures (offshore or mainland), in order to start trading or moving assets, need banking facilities. Many clients might have their own contacts with the banks to open a business bank account of their choice, but most leave this choice to our company.

We do not disclose the names of the banks prior to incorporation and full payment for the services ordered. We only offer UK business bank account introduction service to clients who used our company formation services as this service is only applicable to UK registered limited companies and UK LLPs. Should you choose to use our UK company bank account introduction services, we will present your company to several reputable banks based in the UK. However, due to our long standing relationships with the banks, we can guarantee that you will be able to open a business bank account in UK, providing you produce all documents required by the bank.

During years we created relationships with selected banks in the UK that are familiar with the offshore structures we set up for our clients. We do not offer UK business bank account introduction as a separate service (i.e. if you have not used our incorporation services) as we need to know our clients well.

The process of opening a business bank account in UK even for UK registered companies and LLPs with non-UK residents or companies as shareholders or directors is very difficult due to very strict Money Laundering procedures and compliance issues, especially if done remotely. The benefits of opening a UK business bank account outweigh initial obstacles, as it adds to an image to a UK registered entity and enables trade within EU more efficiently. It does not imply that banks in UK are more secure.

The duration for opening a UK company bank account varies depending upon the bank. On average it takes 2-4weeks from the date we receive all your forms and supporting documents required by the bank if you wish to do it remotely, i.e. without physical presence. The process is significantly shorter if you can visit the bank in person, which we can arrange in advance.

Documents and information required vary from bank to bank. Generally to open a UK company bank account you would need:

  • A copy of the client’s passport, which may need to be legalised in the country of origin, to confirm identity
  • Verification of address (i.e. utility bill)
  • 3 months personal bank statements
  • Incorporation documents (Certified or Apostiled if outside of the UK)
  • Nature of business and products/services sold
  • An explanation of the company’s trading activities (suppliers/customers, payment methods, etc)
  • An indication of the likely monthly trading activities on the account
  • Projected monthly and annual turnover of the UK business and Global turnover
  • An explanation of the source of funds and source of wealth of the ultimate beneficial owner(s)
  • Type of service required from the bank
  • Purpose of opening a business bank account in UK

We will help you to complete, provide necessary advice and follow your application through, but it is ultimately a bank’s decision to open an account for your company. We are amongst very few companies who offer remote bank account openings in the UK and have a high success rate.

We will introduce you to a maximum of three banks in the UK.  On rare occasions applications for opening a business bank account in the UK are not successful; if this happens we will refund the money spent on Bank Introduction services with us.

Price for UK company bank account introduction in the UK is £400/USD660